Remington Revolver Loading Information


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  • Cartridge Loads

    • .44-40 - Papa Bear
      33 grains Goex 3fffg, 200 grain Mid Kansas bullet with two lube rings filled with PS lube and a flat base.
    • .45 LC - Papa Bear
      34 grains Goex 3fffg, 250 grain Mid Kansas bullet with two lube rings filled with PS lube and a flat base.
    • Cartridge Load With The R&D Cylinder- Cpl. Henry B. Tolate
      .45 Schofield case loaded with 28 gr. CTG,(FFFg works fine too, just little higher velocity), under a .454 hollow base 230 gr. bullet with my BP lube.
  • Cap and Ball Loads

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    • Favorite .44 C&B Load - Papa Bear
      28 grains Goex 3fffg, Wonder Wad, .451 Speer ball. Butler Creek stainless steel nipples and Remington #10 caps. Depending on the weather, I sometimes use Crisco as an over the ball lube. I also have enough extra cylinders for a six stage match.
    • .44 Conical & Round Ball Loads - Cpl. Henry B. Tolate
      C&B loads, for CAS shooting, the Lee 200 gr. conical run thru .454 lub-sizer with my beeswax-wonder lube mix. Seated over 25 gr FFFg. For bullseye accuracy .454 round ball over 15 gr. FFFg and cornmeal filler.
    • .44 Round Ball Load - Mojave
      Noticed ya'll had a place to post loads and thought I might contribute to the list. I've had luck with 35g of Elephant 2fg under a Rapine .457 round ball and generous amount of Crisco with #10 caps in my 58'.
    • .36 Caliber Medicine - Crow Beads
      I get fine accuracy and trouble free shooting in my three Cabelas/Pietta '58s without cleaning during a CAS meet by using 20 grains of FFFg Clear Shot powder under an Ox-Yoke Wonder Wad and .375 Hornady swaged round ball. Clear Shot produces less velocity and recoil with a bit more smoke than real BP or Pyrodex. With less powder it is harder to hear the hits on steel. More powder just makes more smoke and fouling. Clean with water and Ballistol.
    • My Favorite C&B Load - Calamity Jane
      20 grains FF, .44 cardboard disk, 15 grains of corn meal,.451 ball, Bore Butter I like it cause it don't 'splode me caps 'n' throw trash in the machinery. I ain't had a jam-up since I backed off on the powder. Don't care what anybody else says about "breakfast cereal" or "gamey" - I don't drive my car with the pedal-to-the-metal, why should I do that to my gun?